TORONTO, ON May 17, 2012 – The Catholic Civil Rights League presented its position about Ontario’s Bills 13 and 14 at Queens Park May 15, appearing before the Standing Committee on Social Policy. We argued that anti-bullying policies in schools need to be based on respect for the equality and dignity of all members of the school community. Bill 13, with its emphasis on issues of gender and sexual orientation, and its use of “homophobia” and “homophobic” throughout the text, does not focus sufficiently on the needs of all students. Its insistence that student-led Gay-Straight Alliances be made available in all schools upon student request could make it very difficult for Catholic schools to fulfill their constitutionally-guaranteed responsibility to uphold the Catholic faith.

The hearings included a variety of interested groups. The committee is expected to report back to the legislature before the final vote, currently scheduled for May 30. We will provide a news update about this matter through our regular e-news service.

Our brief to the Standing Committee
League challenges anti-bullying bill, Catholic Register, May 17