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Canada’s only lay organization devoted exclusively to combating anti-Catholic defamation and to bringing Church teaching to bear on issues of public debate.

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The CCRL is devoted to combating anti-Catholic defamation and to bringing Church teaching to bear on issues of public debate


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The Trudeau Government – Abortion Absolutists – Imposes its Will over the Conscientious and Religious Freedoms of Canadians

The Prime Minister’s position at “drawing a line” on prolife positions is utterly unacceptable, since it violates the very Charter of Rights and Freedoms which is cited by the government as the basis of its policy. It allows certain policy positions to trump constitutional protections. It suggests that in order to receive government benefits, compliance with the government’s position is required. It actually serves to suppress free speech and association rights, by requiring compelled speech, or silence, in compliance with the ideology of the governing party.

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The CCRL Appears Before Ontario Provincial Committee in Opposition to “Bubble Zone” Bill 163, Protecting a Woman’s Right to Access Abortion Services Act, 2017

CCRL president Phil Horgan, and executive director Christian Elia, appeared before the Standing Committee on General Government of the Ontario legislature to speak against the “Bubble Zone” Bill’s overreach and Charter infringement vis a vis freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of religion.

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