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The CCRL is devoted to combating anti-Catholic defamation and to bringing Church teaching to bear on issues of public debate


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Ross Douthat and 1 Corinthians

Mr. Douthat said that those who have a gift for confronting conflict, for fighting back, should do so. Those who have a gift for prayer should follow that path. And those who decide to go through school “with whimsy,” not getting caught up in intra-student battles, should also do what their heart tells them is right.

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The Right Side of History?

Here in North America, and I suspect most of Western Europe, we are definitely on the wrong side of history. And thank God we are. Someone on occasion has to yell, “Stop!” Someone has to question what becomes so-called common knowledge. Someone has to believe that not everything that has endured going back to our Jewish roots needs to be fixed.

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The Assumption

I am writing this on the morning after the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I attended Mass at Holy Family in Toronto last night. The church was packed. And those who were there are likely feeling the same glow I feel this morning. Of course, the Mass was beautiful. The choir could have easily substituted for the choir of angels that will hopefully greet us one day when our time here is done. The billows of smoke, smell of incense, and the prayers for the feast day all added to the mystery of one of our most radical beliefs.

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