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C-16, Gender Identity and Gender Expression

Catholics understand that violence against others, bullying, and denial of fundamental rights shared by every human being is evil. The problem with C-16 is that it could be used as a means of applying force of law against millions of Canadians who deplore discrimination against those experiencing gender dysphoria, but nonetheless believe that every person is born male or female.

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CCRL Spring Dinner 2017 to be hosted in Toronto on June 19 with Guest Speaker Dr. Andrew Bennett

The Catholic Civil Rights League (CCRL) is pleased to announce that its annual Spring Dinner will take place in Toronto on June 19 at 6:30 pm at the Sala Caboto Ballroom at 40 Playfair Ave, west of Dufferin, south of Lawrence. Tickets are $125 each for individuals. We are offering a special rate of $1000 for a table of 10. We encourage organizations, or even groups of friends to save money and help the CCRL by organizing a table. With either option an RSVP is required by calling (416) 466-8244 or 1-844-722-CCRL or by emailing

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A Holy Week Message from the Catholic Civil Rights League (CCRL)

Let us all focus our attention on the Paschal Mystery and let us truly rejoice in His Resurrection. Let us remember that the war is already won, but we are asked to witness to the faith, at times heroically. Let us pray for the courage to maintain such witness for the sake of our own salvation and those of our brethren, as we work to build the City of God within the more and more hostile city of man.

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CCRL Appears Before Ontario Provincial Parliamentary Committee in Support of Conscience Rights of Healthcare Professionals Refusing to Participate in Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia

CCRL president Phil Horgan, executive director Christian Elia, along with Toronto-based barrister and solicitor and CCRL member Catherine Pawluch appeared before a legislative committee to speak against the infringement of freedom of religion and conscience of healthcare workers caused by the implementation of assisted suicide and euthanasia and the requirement for doctors to make an “effective referral” to another physician when refusing to be complicit in killing a patient.

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