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The CCRL asks Friends and Supporters to Contact their MPs in Opposition to Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia Expansion with Bill C-7

It is the opinion of the CCRL that Bill C-7 is worse than the status quo of the euthanasia and assisted suicide regime in Canada. We ask our friends and supporters to contact their Members of Parliament, asking them to reject C-7 and the expansion of lethal injection eligibility, especially to Canadians suffering from mental illness.

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The CCRL Deplores MP’s Anti-Catholic Comment

The Catholic Civil Rights League (CCRL) is disappointed to learn of a cheap anti-Catholic comment made recently by Liberal Party MP Adam Vaughan (Spadina – Fort York) via Twitter. The implications of the tweet, subsequently deleted, that the Church is engaged in an ongoing cover-up of sex offenders, and that the Church evades the terrible abuse of these scandals, remain troubling cheap shots, and are unacceptable. 

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Father Anthony Van Hee, S.J. Constitutional Challenge Reaches the Stage of Cross-examinations – Support Needed for Defence Fund

Fr. Tony has engaged in a regular prayerful protest to oppose abortion and in support of life, on Parliament Hill, which he commenced in September of 1989. He has kept his faithful vigil for over 30 years. Fr. Tony was arrested on October 24, 2018 for silently protesting within 50 metres of the Morgentaler abortion clinic in Ottawa. Father Van Hee cannot face this challenge alone.  Supporters can assist with his legal defence by donating to the Catholic Civil Rights League, specifically to the Fr. Tony Van Hee Defence Fund.

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The League Asks Supporters and Friends to Contact their MPs in Opposition to Bill C-7 and the Expansion of Euthanasia

The current bill moves us from what the CCRL deemed to be a national climate of “suicide relativism”, which is a half-hearted opposition to suicide in general, but sanctioned allowance when requested through the medical system.  Canada has now moved to a regime of full “suicide facilitation”, with further expansion expected.

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