TORONTO, February 16, 2011 – The League has written to Bell Express Vu customer service and to Bell Canada’s executive team asking them to reconsider the decision to discontinue Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN)at the end of February. We pointed out that many subscribers find that EWTN has an international dimension that is complementary to Canada’s Salt and Light Television, to which they also subscribe. The loss will be felt particularly by those in condo developments who pay for their telecom services through their monthly fee and therefore do not have a choice of satellite provider. Those who can may simply switch to another provider.

Through the support of our late director Fred Hill, a Regina philanthropist and business leader, the League was instrumental in getting EWTN available to Canadian satellite services in the early 2000’s. We hope that the service will be retained by Express Vu, or at least offered through its upcoming fibre optics service. In the meantime, EWTN continues to be available on many Canadian networks, which can be located through its channel finder.

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