Cambridge Times reports that on December 24, 2021 a vandalism incident occurred at the private cemetery of St. Patrick’s in Cambridge, Ontario. The man who first noticed the damage had a family’s headstone affected. Dave Psenak, had been driving past the cemetery and noticed that his uncle’s headstones was no longer visible. He decided to drive over and see for himself what had happened. This was not the first time a vandalism had happened; the first was three years ago. The same damage that he repaired three years prior had happened again.

Psenak quickly realized that more than three dozen headstones had been damaged in the incident. The cemetery itself is the responsibility of the Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Hamilton, however, it is an inactive cemetery. Psenak supposed that this means the families of those who have headstones in the cemetery would be in charge of repairing the damages.

The director of the Catholic Cemeteries, Arthur Smith, conferred just as much. Smith also said that the Catholic Cemeteries will do their best to aid in public safety measures should people go visiting to the cemetery. He also spoke to the cemetery staff and they believed that the vandalism had actually happened in the fall. He asks that anyone with information please contact their office.