During the restoration to Cathedral of St. Catherine Alexandria in St. Catharine’s, Ontario, thefts and property damage began, reports The Standard. Carlos Nunes, the general contractor in charge of the restoration noted that a bronze lamppost had been torn off its base. He was surprised at the possibility of moving it all, explaining how heavy it was. In fact, removing it had cracked the sidewalk. From then on, Nunes’ workers reported people doing numerous nefarious acts; breaking into the bell tower, stealing tools and materials, smashing windows and throwing scaffolding. Most notable is that the copper on the scaffolding had been stolen as well. Several calls and reports had been made to police. On the same morning of the thefts beginning, an assault also happened. The assailant was arrested and charged, while the victim sustained injuries and went to the local hospital for further treatment. Some workers also reported a difficulty that had occurred during their work. A man who was mentally unwell, and suicidal had been sleeping in the Church’s attic when workers found him. He was inebriated and brandishing a knife. Workers convinced him to not jump off the balcony. There were no further details into the incident. The Cathedral rector is considering hiring security for the safety of the restoration project workers and so that work can continue accordingly.