On July 19, in Sudbury, Ontario, the statue of Our Blessed Mother and baby Jesus has been broken again, reports CBC News. The statue has been previously targeted multiple times in over five years. This time, the heads of Mary and Jesus were broken off. Prior to this, the head of baby Jesus had been remade in clay which suffered water damage from rain. It has also been reported that vandals had damaged the Church’s air conditioning unit and interfered with the internet cables. The congregation of the parish is wondering why their Church is being targeted by vandals.

The Church’s chair of administration, Michel Chretien has commented that there is an increase in homeless in the downtown of Sudbury and that there are more people camping on the Church’s lawn as of currently. He does not place blame on any group of persons, however, it seems possible that the increase in homelessness could be linked to the vandalism against the Church.

As reported by CTV News, Michel Chretien thinks that the statue is beyond repair at this point in time. He adds that they will be putting up a surrounding fence to try to curb the vandalism going on. The funds for the fence will be provided by the federal government, however, only half of the cost will be covered. The other half will be donated through fundraisers. Chretien is asking the support of the community. The statue will also be replaced in time.