As reported by CTV News Winnipeg, the statue of St. Bernadette was stolen from the St. Malo Shrine and Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes in Manitoba. The statue that was residing inside the glass case, was stolen during the month of June. The co-director of the Blessed Margaret Parish, close to the Grotto, Leo Roch, explained that he thought the stealing of the statue was a prank. Roch stated that the RCMP had been made aware of the theft, but asks that the statue be returned as there is no monetary value to it.

As a result to the theft of the statue, and the original not being returned, a Fine Arts student of the University of Manitoba took it upon himself to recreate the statue and give it to the St. Malo Shrine. The student, John Millar recreated the statue using modelling clay, silicone and resin The only payment to be made on the part of Blessed Margaret Parish was that of the cost of the materials. Millar had wanted the statue to be placed in the glass case for St. Bernadette’s Feast Day, April 16, but the Chapel was not ready to receive the statue. The Parish has plans for improvement of the Chapel and installation of the statue.