The 105-year-old historic Catholic Church, St. Thimothee, burned down to the ground on December 10, in Shemogue, New Brunswick as reported by CBC News. The man responsible for the fire is 26-year-old Samuel Vatour. Vatour has had a history of mental health issues, and prescription drug use for over 10 years, according to his mother, Lisa Vatour. Vatour has been charged with a count of arson before the Moncton Provincial Court, where he was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation for 30 days at the Restigouche Hospital in Campbellton. The evaluation order came from Judge Ronald LeBlanc. He will return to court on January 10, 2022. No one was hurt in the fire as there were no people in the Church at the time. The RCMP is investigating whether the incident is linked to any other arsons in the region of this year.