In Edmonton, Alberta, St. Michael’s Cemetery suffers property damage that resulted in up to 50,000-75,000$ in restoration, reports Global News. The damage done to the cemetery is extensive, resulting in 66 memorial markings affected by the vandalism. Ranging from tombstones being smashed or pushed over and shattered, urns knocked over, and many mementos left from families taken and thrown about the cemetery itself. The responding constable, Cst. Liam Watson noted that a few incidents had happened over a three year period but that this had been the most damaging. He further asserts that this type of property damage had to have been committed by a group of people with the intent to cause immense destruction to the place. The community and families who have their loved ones final resting place feel saddened and upset by these incidents. The St. Michael Cemetery staff is going forward with repairs, contacting affected families, and assessing what needs to be done in order to restore what was lost. The police are asking that anyone with knowledge of the incident come forward.