Three men using fake names attended a Santa Maria Goretti Church service, one of which conducted a public indecency, reports Grandin Media. The man, who is now charged with a hate crime, interrupted a baptismal ceremony and a mass. The suspect approached the ambo just after holy communion, began speaking to the priest in Italian, quickly switching to English. The priest realized the man was angry, swearing and generally upset. The suspect then took a bottle of wine and opened it, to which the priest pleaded with him not take it or do anything untoward. He asked the man to leave, instead the man went back down the altar and exposed himself in front of the parents and families in the baptismal party. Immediately after, the suspect ran out of the Church. The priest and congregation, in shock, called the police. The suspect is said to have family who are part of and support the Church. The whole incident was filmed and put online, later it was taken down. The Archbishop of Edmonton came to the Church celebrating mass and offered a blessing to the Church and its members. Security has been added to the Church since the incident.