St. Catherine of Siena Church in Mississauga, Ontario has experienced multiple incidences of break and enter and theft by a man named Iqbal Hessan as reported by FlamboroughReview. Hessan, who suffers from a mental illness has been charged with breaking and entering, and multiple accounts of mischief. Hessan was later let out on bail. He confessed to Peel Regional Police that he had intention of harming, and potentially killing the priest on the night that he broke into the Church. The priest of St. Catherine of Siena, Fr. Camillo Lando felt concerned and frustrated that the Peel Regional Police had not warned him of Hessan’s intentions or that Hessan had been let out on bail. As further reported by the conditions of Hessan’s bail are as follows: he cannot come within 1000 metres of the Church, cannot come within 50 metres of a priest, cannot attend a Church or School in the region and must be home by 10 p.m. If Hessan’s crimes are found to be categorized as hate crimes and is found guilty of his charges he may possibly be placed in jail for 10 years.