Hamilton News reports that a man and a woman entered St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church and caused a public disturbance. The man later was charged.

On September 20, a man and a woman entered St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral Roman Catholic Church. Both were inebriated and began swearing and yelling. The man had begun washing himself in holy water from a holy water bath. After a woman who was in the Church told the couple to have respect for the Church, they left, however the man returned later on, shirtless, to continue his disturbance.

The man proceeded to commit a series of disturbing acts: he poured out wine onto a piece of cloth on the altar, he then burned the cloth with a lighter, went into the Sacristy where he knocked over objects in the room, and knocked over the hosts. After these actions the perpetrator went to the back of the Church where he took rosaries and other religious articles out of a display case. He then proceeded to take a rosary and place it on himself.

Police later found the suspect laying the grass, outside the Church with rosary around his neck. He was charged with mischief under five thousand dollars, theft under five thousand dollars, possession under five thousand dollars, arson causing property damage, and two counts of failure to comply with probation.