A statue of Jesus outside of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Calgary, Alberta suffers property damage, reports the Calgary Herald. One of the statue’s fingers on the left hand was broken off on September 1 of this year. The assailant, a man, who was seen on camera, used a hammer to break the finger off. The assailant is described as wearing an orange shirt, a baseball cap, dark pants, boots and glasses. He may also have a tattoo on his left arm. He was carrying a hammer. His height is estimated to be about five feet, eleven inches, slight in stature. The assailant left by foot. The Calgary Police Service hate crimes unit is investigating this incident. Previously the same statue had been spray painted on Canada Day of last year, when the discovery of unmarked graves had been made at the Kamloops Indian Residential School, and at other schools. Police ask anyone with information about the incident to please come forward and contact them.