TORONTO, Dec. 18, 2007 – Many Christians believe Christ was effectively taken out of Christmas years ago, when December became better known as the make-it-or-break it season for retailers than the celebration of Advent and the birth of the Messiah. In recent years, secularists’ efforts seem to be focusing on removing the very word, regardless of how absurd the outcome might be.

Perhaps the most vexing example would be “holiday shopping”, a term never heard  outside of commercials, where it has become the norm. (Think of it…do you get finished in November or brave the crowds on Christmas Eve because of all the “holiday shopping” you have to do?) Public schools kicked in long ago, re-naming the Christmas concert in honour of Winter. This year an Ottawa school went a step further, removing the word Christmas from the junior choir’s rendition of “Silver Bells” so that everyone would feel included. Everyone but the Christians, presumably.

Is this seasonal trivialization of religious matters and attack on plain English as important as the freedom of religion and freedom of speech issues the League addresses throughout the year? Probably not, but it does have a much simpler solution. Wish your friends and neighbours a Merry Christmas!

The League extends best wishes for a blessed Christmas and happy and healthy New Year to all our members and supporters.

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