OTTAWA, March 5, 2008 – The Catholic Civil Rights League is pleased to note that Bill C-484, which would grant legal recognition to unborn children killed or injured during the course of a crime against their mothers, today achieved the necessary majority (147 to 132) to proceed to the committee stage.
Despite what many “pro-choice” advocates claimed, this bill unfortunately will not grant any legal rights to unborn children with respect to abortion. Nevertheless, the League supports the opportunity to recognize all victims of domestic violence against mothers, and to recognize that the families in these situations are mourning two lives, not one.
Many League members contacted their MPs and helped collect petitions in support of this legislation. As of today, at least 10,000 signatures have been presented in Parliament. There was also much vigorous debate in the media as well as in Parliament, which has helped improve our awareness of the tragedy of domestic violence as well as the reality of two victims in these crimes.

There is no doubt that this vote reflects the wishes of many Canadians. In an Environics poll last Fall, almost 75 per cent of respondents said they would support an unborn victims of violence law. The League looks forward to the hearing process on this legislative proposal.

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