TORONTO, Sept. 22, 2009 – The Catholic Civil Rights League is pleased to announce that its joint application to intervene in the national challenge to Canada’s prostitution laws has been accepted by the Ontario Court of Appeal.

The intervention, filed in alliance with Christian Legal Fellowship and REAL Women of Canada, will allow the group to file and provide a legal argument giving its members’ perspective on the issues raised by the challenge. The arguments to be submitted provide a perspective that transcends the interests of the parties involved. It will discuss the harm prostitution causes to the individuals, family and children, particularly those forced to engage in it, and the broader implications such a change would have for society.  

 “We were alarmed when the application was denied, with the judge essentially saying that moral perspectives would have no value to the issues raised by the case. In granting the application, the Court of Appeal has acknowledged that our submission could be valuable in providing a perspective outside of the interests of sex trade workers and law enforcement agencies,” said League President Philip Horgan. “The League has been engaged in numerous court cases at the highest level of appellate courts. A significant proposed change to the Criminal Code as espoused by the applicants should not exclude voices which are concerned about the common good of Canadian families.”

The court case (Bedford vs. Attorney General) challenges laws against soliciting, against keeping a common bawdy house and living off the avails of prostitution. (League press releases, July 9). The applicants have said they are basing the challenge mainly on the claim that safety and security of those working in the business would be improved if their activities were legal. Court proceedings are expected to begin in early October in Ontario.

Prostitution: Legal work or slavery, Zenit article by Rev. John Flynn, L.C.

Factum of the League, Christian Legal Fellowship and REAL Women of Canada.

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