TORONTO, Sept. 15, 2013 (CCRL) – The League is among a number of national organizations supporting a joint statement prepared by Life Canada to oppose Bill 52, Quebec’s proposed legislation to implement euthanasia as an option in end-of-life care in some circumstances (League press releases, June 12). The statement emphasizes that killing the patient has no place in a health care system, and points out that society’s most vulnerable people would be placed at risk under such a regime.

“The key question that must be addressed is stark yet profound: Is killing a legitimate part of health care? Should doctors be licensed to kill their patients?

“In solidarity with many doctors and others in Quebec, we emphatically answer in the negative. Our reason is that the underlying philosophy of the euthanasia movement – that life, when lacking a certain quality, is expendable – profoundly undermines the common good and leads to mortal danger for many of the most vulnerable members of society.”

Members of the League residing in Quebec are urged to contact your MLA to express concerns about this legislation.

Follow this link (left-hand menu bar) to read the joint statement.