TORONTO, Ont. July 11, 2008 – The League has called on Governor General Michaelle Jean to rescind the nomination of Henry Morgentaler to the Order of Canada. A formal letter of protest has been sent to Her Excellency, and copied to HM Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin and members of the Advisory Council that recommends appointments. On behalf of all our members and supporters, we expressed concern that anyone known solely for defying the law of the time to create a string of profitable abortion clinics would even be considered for the Order. We also protested reports of widely-reported procedural irregularities in choosing this candidate, including lack of unanimity on the council and the fact that his nomination had already been considered and refused in the past. A portion of the letter follows:

“We have always been very proud when our own supporters were named to the Order. As Canadians, we believe the Order should stand for the positive values that we all share. The fields of culture and entertainment, education and literacy, environmental protection, medical research, philanthropy, social housing and care of the vulnerable inspire the tireless efforts of countless Canadians ever year.

“What a contrast those deserving efforts are to those of this man, personally responsible for hundreds of thousands of abortions, and who has generated millions of dollars from our supposedly non-profit health care system. These are not proud achievements. Through 40 years of abortion in Canada, whether marginally regulated as in earlier years, or in the current unfettered access regime for which Henry Morgentaler takes credit, Canada’s population is lower by over three million…

“We are not surprised, as Canadian Catholics who have seen the poisonous effects of abortion on so many lives, to witness now the negative and polarizing effect abortion will continue to have on the Order of Canada. Unless the decision is reversed, this sad legacy will be the continuing stain on your time in office, and indeed on the Order as a whole.”

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