TORONTO, June 12, 2008 – the Catholic Civil Rights League is pleased that the Ontario legislature has voted to keep its daily reading of the Lord’s Prayer.

Premier Dalton McGuinty earlier this year said reading just the Lord’s Prayer every day before the opening of business was out of date and not reflective of the province’s religious mix, and appointed an all-party committee to examine the issue.

That committee received more than 30,000 signatures on petitions, letters and e-mails, asking the legislature to keep the Lord’s Prayer.

“We’re pleased to note that the importance of prayer has been recognized, and that the prayer best known by the vast majority of the province has been retained,” said League President Phil Horgan. “The very large number of responses on this question indicates that Ontarians feel strongly about this issue, and take their traditions seriously.”

The all-party committee has recommended keeping the Lord’s Prayer, but adding a rotation of additional prayers from another religion, or a moment of silence. The League believes this is an effective way to reflect the province’s diversity.

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