TORONTO, September 13, 2007 – The Catholic Civil Rights League ( today commented on the results of the 2006 census figures released Sept. 12. The census found that the overall ratio of traditional, married couple-headed families continued to decline, while the proportion made up of lone-parent families, common law couples and same sex couples continues to grow.

“This trend is in keeping with what the League predicted in light of laws and court rulings that consistently devalue our traditional understanding of marriage and family,” said League President Phil Horgan. “It’s quite apt that within a mere day of the issuing of these census results, we also learned that the Alliance for Marriage and Family, of which we are members, was refused leave to appeal in the so-called Three Parent case, (see previous League Press Release) so that the decision granting legal parenthood to three persons will stand.

“We find it very unfortunate that the children’s rights issues raised by that case will not be heard on appeal.  An issue which should have been addressed by legislatures now remains a matter of judicial intervention,” said Mr. Horgan.

“While it may be that the census does not justify the alarmist headlines about marriage going the way of the horse and carriage, there is no doubt that the incidence of divorce, single parent families and common law unions continues to grow,” said Mr. Horgan.

These trends are of concern because lone-parent families are known to be a significant factor in poverty, with all the problems that creates for family life. And common law unions, as well as marriages preceded by such unions, are known to end in separation more often than marriages where the couple has not lived together before ‘tying the knot.’

“Given what we know about the needs of children to know their mother and father, we need to do what we can to encourage this family form, whether it be through the media or through more family-friendly social policies,” said Mr. Horgan.

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