TORONTO, May 16, 2006 – The Catholic Civil Rights League ( today launched a new section on its website to help correct the series of lies and half-truths so engagingly presented in the Da Vinci Code, the best-selling novel that will be released as a movie on Friday.

“It’s been emphasized time and again that the book and movie are works of fiction, and while the book carries the standard publishers’ disclaimer to this effect, we understand the movie will not,” says League President Phil Horgan. “While this is unfortunate, most people do know that movies are a fantasy. We believe all the hype surrounding this movie could make people want to learn the truth about the origins of Christianity, and the resources we’re recommending should help people do just that.”
Mr. Horgan commented further, “The Roman Catholic Church has survived the Diocletian persecutions, ancient penal laws, and other efforts to suppress the faithful, which tragically continue in many parts of the world to this day.  I suspect that it will survive The Da Vinci Code as well, just as it has survived previous films that ridiculed the faith claims of the Church. 
“It should be remembered that this book and the movie are commercial enterprises as much as artistic efforts.  Box office success is driven by the celebrity of the film’s stars, the craft of a movie’s makers, and the publicity machine upon which they are sold.  Any financial success is at one level a recognition of the important place that the Catholic Church enjoys in the modern world, at least until such time as some blockbuster novel or film attempts to discredit some other religion in a similar fashion.
“The faithful will be able to discern how to deal with The Da Vinci Code.  It is likely that other movies released this week will enjoy much greater success from many movie-goers who will choose not to fall prey to efforts at promotion at the expense of the faithful.”  
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