TORONTO, ON March 2, 2018 – The Catholic Civil Rights League (CCRL) has previously raised the issue of the new demand from the federal government to require an “attestation” or commitment from charities, non-profit organizations and small businesses applying for Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) grants to affirm that the job and the organization’s core mandate respect and adhere to support for gender fluidity and support for abortion.

The government’s employment minister said it’s no big deal to “just check the box”, even if you do believe that the preborn child is a human being worthy of protection in law.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has previously disallowed prolife candidates from running for the Liberal party. Recently, he described objections to such attestation demands as a mere “kerfuffle”, and that Canadian groups who believed in the sanctity of human life are “not in line with where we are as a government and quite frankly where we are as a society.”

Mr. Trudeau was directly referring to observant Catholics and all prolife Canadians with those words.

So, what’s the big deal? Is checking a box really the end of our cherished freedoms?

People from Eastern Europe, China, and many other regions intimately know what the imposition of statist norms has meant. It was often the basis of their immigration to Canada, which was recognized as being a free country.

Those more inclined to watch a film should see Martin Scorsese’s 2016 film “Silence”, to learn of the oppression imposed on Jesuit missionaries in Japan in the 17th century. They were forced to denounce their faith, or see their congregations martyred.

One might consider St. Thomas More, martyr and patron saint of politicians, lawyers, and judges, who was executed for failing to comply with the King’s demand to swear allegiance to his severance with the Catholic Church.

These examples are not far removed from the current government’s proposal to “just check the box”, a soft totalitarianism. It is how convictions are eroded, or at least dumbed down. After all, it’s so simple – by design – to affirm the State ideology of “inclusion” and “reproductive rights”. Just check the box!

The CCRL proposes a different response. We must dare to dissent. As Catholic Christians, we need to live within the truth. We have a far more profound understanding of the meaning of the human person, formed in the image and likeness of God. The effort of the federal government to impose the euphemism of “reproductive rights” or “inclusion”, in opposition to profound understandings of science and our Catholic faith, in order to secure a modest public benefit, is an outrageous diktat more suited to oppressive regimes.

We are called to dissent because we know what is true. Our faith has been purchased at a greater price than what the federal government sponsors with pieces of silver.

Please sign the CCRL petition against the government’s demands for ideological conformity. Please join us in telling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that we will not check the box, we will not submit to a murderous ideology.

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