TORONTO, February 27, 2007 – The Catholic Civil Rights League ( today commented on the claim by two Canadian film personalities that they have evidence that a Jerusalem tomb may house the remains of Jesus and his family.

The announcement was made yesterday in New York to promote a TV documentary by James Cameron, director of “Titanic”, and Simcha Jacobovici, TV director. The tomb itself was discovered in 1980, and the archeologist in charge of the investigation, like all other knowledgeable scholars, has rejected the claim of any likelihood that Jesus was buried there. (Reports from LifeSite News and the National Post.)

The League finds it unfortunate that some television outlets consider Lent and Easter to be a good time for yet another attempt to discredit the resurrection of Jesus. This particular announcement does not even concern a new find, but is an effort to exploit an older one as part of a commercial promotion. Fortunately, there are usually also some good Easter productions available, both on Catholic television and on the major networks, and we encourage our supporters to simply tune in the better programs.

Christians know that the death and resurrection of Jesus is not only historical fact, but also an enduring one that remains at the core of our faith long after the hyped-up program of the day has been forgotten.

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