TORONTO, Ont., October 4, 2007 – The Catholic Civil Rights League today expressed its support for the US Catholic League’s boycott of Miller beer. The US organization called for the boycott because of the brewer’s sponsorship of “The Folsom Street Fair,” a San Francisco street festival geared to homosexuals. According to its own advertising, the event features public exhibits of extreme depravity, including open mockery of Catholicism and Christianity in general. (Visit for more information about supporting the boycott and expressing concerns to the brewer. CCRL contacted the company a week ago urging management to withdraw corporate support from the event, but Miller has refused to reply.)

Advertising included a poster showing homosexual stereotypes juxtaposed around traditional images of the Last Supper. The event itself, held last Sunday, included public exhibitions of sado-masochism and nudity. In addition to the homosexuals who dressed as nuns—ridiculing women who have given selflessly of their lives in service to the dispossessed—there was a female stripper who was hoisted in a cage over a Roman Catholic church (on a Sunday when Masses were being said).

Although Miller has conceded that some of the advertising may have offended some people, and acknowledged that an audit of its marketing program will be undertaken, it has refused to apologize or commit that no similar anti-Christian sponsorships will be undertaken. While the company may choose to lend its name to any type of entertainment, it should not expect to do so without a reaction from consumers.

The CCRL in Canada encourages its members and network of other concerned organizations to consider avoiding Miller products if they are purchasing beer for Thanksgiving weekend.

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