TORONTO, August 4, 2010 – The Catholic Civil Rights League today commented on a new survey showing that as many as two-thirds of Canadians do not know that Canada has no abortion law.

The Angus Reid poll, which asked 1,022 Canadian adults a variety of questions about their views on abortion, including their understanding of the country’s law, found that just 22 per cent of them correctly identified the legal void that permits the procedure throughout pregnancy, with no government restrictions. Forty one per cent believe that the government regulates the procedure, only allowing it through the third month of pregnancy.  

“It’s quite possible so many believe we have an abortion law, and that there are more restrictions after the first trimester, since that is the case in almost all the western world,” said League Executive Director Joanne McGarry. “It may well be that a majority would support such a law, or that it is more difficult to find medical practitioners willing to do abortions as a pregnancy progresses. However, that is not what the law says, and it’s difficult to have meaningful debate about any issue when people do not know the factual situation.”

The League is a long-time supporter of the national March for Life and other educational initiatives in support of respect for life from conception to natural death. We were also involved in the bubble zone case in B.C., and have provided support for similar cases elsewhere, in support of the right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion raised by the question of peaceful protest.

All abortion-related events provoke heated response from both pro-life and pro-abortion groups, particularly in the media. Abortion continues to be a moral and religious issue that most people consider serious. This poll suggests that it is also an issue where many are uninformed, underlining the importance of further education.

Repeated arrests do not stop one abortion protester, National Post, July 31

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