VANCOUVER, Sept. 7, 2006 – Comments by a homosexual activist who has been given significant influence over social studies curriculum development in BC public schools demonstrate the dangers of giving two individuals a special role  in developing public education policy, says Catholic Civil Rights League director Sean Murphy.

Mr. Murphy was responding to an accusation by Peter Corren that the Catholic Church “has victimized our society through history.”

“Does this fellow know nothing about the foundation of hospitals, schools, universities and charitable institutions in this country and others?” he asked. “Does he not know, for example, that Catholic health care institutions and religious congregations have been caring for HIV/AIDS patients for years?”

“Has he never heard of Mother Teresa and the Sisters of Charity? Of Covenant House in Vancouver?

“Mr. Corren’s absurd accusation,” said Mr. Murphy, “exemplifies either knee-jerk, anti-Catholic bigotry or appalling ignorance. Can you imagine what would happen if he had made such an accusation against Jews? Would the government continue to allow him to consult on the development of public school curriculum?”

Mr. Corren’s accusation appeared in a news report in the September 6th edition of the Vancouver Sun. He also called a statement by Vancouver Archbishop Raymond Roussin a “homophobic diatribe against Canadian society.”

“Mr. Corren ought to recognize that Canadian society is divided on the morality of homosexual conduct,” said Mr. Murphy. “Archbishop Roussin knows that, and that is one of the reasons he is defending the authority of parents to prevent their children from being force-fed morally controversial curriculum.”

Mr. Murphy reiterated Archbishop Roussin’s call to parents to actively oppose the agreement between Peter Corren and his partner Murray Corren and the government, which gives them a special role in developing the public school curriculum where no such role is stipulated for others.

“Let the Minister of Education know that the government has no business giving private interests a special role in curriculum development and delivery in public schools to the exclusion of other interests,” said Mr. Murphy. “And don’t forget to write school district trustees and administrators,” he added. “They may be left to deal with a mess created by the provincial government.”

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