Thanks to the many League members who expressed concern to CTV about publicity surrounding the network’s Russell Peters Christmas Special. The releases and articles made much of the fact that the Virgin Mary would be portrayed by Pamela Anderson in a nativity skit. We asked the network for a preview or other information about the show, but neither was provided. To avoid further, needless publicity about the show, we reserved public comment until after it aired.

In fairness, the juvenile publicity surrounding the choice of actress was more a problem in the pre-show publicity than in the show itself.  Apart from a tired old joke about the virgin birth, the show was within accepted bounds of what one would expect to see on any other channel at the same time. (To be sure,  that is not saying much!) The much-publicized choice of actress portraying the Mother of God was certainly insensitive to believers, however.

Catholic Register column by Joanne McGarry
Pamela Anderson: Virgin Mary Role Fails To Shock, December 7 Huffington Post article quoting CCRL.