TORONTO, February 21, 2013 – Media coverage of Pope Benedict’s resignation (or as it is formally known, renunciation of the papacy), has included a real mixture of good articles along with some needlessly negative, sometimes downright anti-Catholic vitriol, particularly from columnists and message board posts. To help improve balance, we have written to The Star, twice, regarding separate Rosie Di Manno columns, the Globe once regarding a news story, and later regarding a column by Gerald Caplan, CBC twice, once regarding a longish news story and again regarding This Hour has 22 Minutes (see below). Several other newspapers were contacted, including the Ottawa Citizen, St. John’s Telegram and Winnipeg Free Press.

We also provided an article for The Citizen, by our Ottawa director Richard Bastien. Media interviews were given by President Phil Horgan, and directors Richard Bastien and Christian Elia, with CHCH and Sun Media respectively.

The Caplan piece in The Globe was a particularly strong example of how anti-Church bias can produce line after line of half truths and innuendo. Everything from the “silence” of Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet in the sex abuse crisis to allegations of Church complicity in the Rwandan civil war, was all packed together to prove the Church has no soul. While our response is unlikely to be printed, League members might find it interesting so we’re including it here.  

League press release
Pope’s resignation opens door to media mythology, Michael Coren, Register, Feb. 24

Petition regarding Russell Peters Christmas Special

CTV aired the special again this past December, despite protests last year about an offensive portrayal of the Virgin Mary. If you wish to participate in a petition campaign organized by members of the Catholic Women’s League in BC, visit their webpage and follow the link “Petition to CTV” under “Resources to Download.”

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