(From our February, 2010 newsletter)

Thanks to the efforts of so many, including our membership, the pro-life advertisement featuring Tim Tebow went ahead on The Super Bowl as scheduled. While various broadcast advertising regulations blocked it in Canada, it can be viewed on many websites, including that of Focus on the Family. A survey shows that the ad had many benefits for viewers.

Earlier this month, we encouraged our BC membership to ask TV station CHBC to reconsider its decision to pull an advertisement from Kelowna Right to Life. While the station has run pro-life ads in the past, it found this one too strong. As of this writing, its decision has not changed.

League letter protesting the use of a picture of a frog nailed to a cross: Feb. 6 The National Post.

Interesting article: Catholic Church suing Columbia pictures over use of Christ statue in
apocalypse movie 2012, Agence France-Presse, Feb. 25.

Let the League know: Articles, cartoons and advertising that you believe have anti-Catholic content should be sent to ccrl@ccrl.ca to help us respond in a timely way.

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