Toronto, ON March 18, 2021 – As of yesterday evening, Canadians can be killed by a doctor more easily.

With the enactment of Bill C-7 into law, there is no longer a requirement to be in a state of a terminal illness where death is “reasonably foreseeable.” For those who qualified for death prior to yesterday’s changes, the pause of 10 days prior to a first and second request for the procedure has been eliminated.  The requirement for two witnesses is likewise eliminated.  A new 90-day track is established for those whose death is not reasonably foreseeable.

More distressing, in two years, mental illness will be acceptable as a justification to be killed through the Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) regime.

The Bill was supported by the Liberal Party and Bloc Quebecois and opposed by the Conservatives and NDP.  The expanded provisions for availability of MAID was opposed by major newspapers, including the Toronto Star, which stated in a February 26 editorial:

It’s important that we get this right. Better to put up with more delay than to rush through a flawed bill that hasn’t had the full public debate it deserves. The government should think again.

Minister of Justice, Liberal MP David Lametti tweeted, “This law will respect the autonomy of Canadians while protecting the vulnerable.”

The League rejects this claim. Protection of the vulnerable was also assured on the original version of the law. Those standards are now further relaxed. We share the opinions of disability rights advocates and mental health advocates who also have stood strongly in opposition.

The two-year delay to implement euthanasia to those suffering solely from mental illness is for the alleged purpose of implementing protocols and safeguards.  The CCRL has always rejected the notion that safeguards can exist for this irreversible procedure. We instead have drawn attention to the societal pressure placed on vulnerable populations that accompanies the MAID regime, particularly with insufficient provisions or access to palliative care.

The League predicted this rapid expansion in our previous submissions at the implementation of MAID, upon the introduction of the original law in 2016.

Calls for even fewer restrictions will soon be debated, including allowing mature teens access to MAID.  The Trudeau government has committed to examining the Senate supported amendment allowing for euthanasia by advanced directive, meaning that a person can make a request for death when healthy, years ahead of when that person might be in a state of distress and therefore unable to express consent for death via MAID.

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