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The CCRL is devoted to combating anti-Catholic defamation and to bringing Church teaching to bear on issues of public debate


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The CCRL Welcomes Court Ruling in Nova Scotia Favourable to Trinity Western, Warns of Future Clash of Competing Charter Rights

It is important to note that yesterday’s favourable decision focused on administrative law and did not address Charter arguments on the need for respect for authentic pluralism. By engaging in a broad discussion of possible proposals toward a pathway of rejecting accreditation of TWU, the court seemed to invite a future clash of competing Charter rights.

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On Suffering

The bond between Catholics and suffering can seem awfully strange to an outsider — even to an insider. Many saints, even those among the gentlest and holiest, sought suffering as a way to get closer to Christ on the cross.

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The Power of Prayer

Prayer has been part of my life for years but intensified during my illness. Even during times I could barely mumble an Our Father or a Hail Mary I persisted. I began to believe that God does not require perfection of words but more the dogged attempt to reach His merciful arms.

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